At least 10% of all net profits go to animal rescues
At least 10% of all net profits go to animal rescues
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First Ever Wagsy Post

In many Colorado {where we live} homes, you have an incalculable amount of wall niches.  We've lived here for over 8 years, but I still wonder "do Coloradans have more art that the rest of the country?"  Or what the heck do builders think when they're adding these things into homes?   What's wrong with regular ole' walls anyway? 

Well, in an attempt to do something with all these pesky niches around my home, I have two that I've turned into my Pet Memorial Wall.  While that might sound a little depressing to some, for us pet lovers, its a neat way to share our love for our fur-angels that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Step one:  I purchased some simple floating glass shelves from Amazon.  Look for something that can hold a decent amount of weight.  I hung the shelves at even intervals within the niche, but you can vary your spacing however you like.  It might be a good idea to use your stud finder so that you have a solid hold.

Step two:  I chose pictures of each pet that I wanted to display.  I then headed to my local HomeGoods to purchase some various frames.  I tried to use a theme.  For example, I wanted grey and brown woods, silver accents, with a rustic flair. 

Step three:  I assembled my pictures, frames, and any corresponding memorabilia so I could begin working with my placements.  I used their ashes boxes, some collars, some art, etc.  I also used stands and boxes to vary the heights of my items.

I'm pretty happy with my final product! 

Note:  I've been scoping out the HomeGoods clearance sections for decorative boxes that my pet ashes fit into.  Winston's box is very pretty on its own, but my other pet's ashes are in metal boxes with a velvet bag.    You can use the box as is, but some of them are calling for a little dog or cat statue glued to the top.  I'll share another post on how to customize your ashes box soon!